Ridha H,My friends retold many fairy tales, story of kids in English from Indonesia as assignment during the lecturer. This blog of folktales from Indonesian dedicated and credited to all my friends during my study. Many children stories are occur from around the world, including my country, Indonesia. My blog the story of kids in English provided folklore legends and myths around place of Indonesia. There are collections of kid stories from island of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo (Kalimantan), Celebes (Sulawesi), Flores-Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTT) or Western Lesser Sundas , Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTB) or East Lesser Sundas and another part of Indonesia.

Bali as the famous island in Indonesia has many myths and legends in the Balinese society. There are some fairy tales, story of kids in English from Javanese in this blog, including folk tales for children from East Java (Jawa Timur), Central Java (Jawa Tengah), West Java (Jawa Barat), and fairy tales from Jakarta. In Sumatra Island, there are also legends & Myths, including fairy tales and folk tales from Minangkabau or West Sumatra (Padang). This folk tales of Minangkabau is the famous one from West Sumatra, which will tell about the origin about the terms of Minangkabau and Malin Kundang. Another story of kids from Indonesia is comes from Kalimantan or Borneo Island is The Crocodiles AndThe Dayaks.
These folk lore stories told us about the myths and legends in order to storytelling for the kids or the children particularly during their bedtime.  I used the words fairy tales, folk tales, fables, or folklore since those words definition are having a similar meaning in terms of story about legends and myths in our past time in this blog of story of kids in English from Indonesia. These Indonesian fairy tales are in form of English language for English stories for kids, since the folk tales itself retold in Indonesian.

As my process in building this blog about English stories for kids, hopefully I can provided more story of folktales from Indonesia in another Island, such as Papua Nugini or Irian Jaya, Ambon (Moluccas), Madura, or any part of island Indonesia. Presently, the blog of Indonesian fairy tales stories are consist of folk lore of Indonesia from west and central part of Indonesia.

Some of these fairy tales of Indonesia are myths and legends of Indonesia retold for the children by one generation to generation. These mythology and legends are having the place where this story comes from. Many children story books explain many folktales from around the world for children, but in this blog of Indonesian fairy tales explain kids short stories free for you. These free stories for kids credited to my friends as the collection or compiling the retold story for our study. I think, we can show the children stories with moral by telling them a suitable fairy tales of worlds as bedtime stories.

As my end in the introduction story of kids in English from Indonesia in my blog and my first post, I hope these fairy fairy tales children stories from Indonesia will improve the morality of our youngsters. You can use my free fairy tales as the storytelling for kids and read free fairy tales by online. I hope this story for kids in English that is not in form of book, could be help in learning the English by storytelling. Any question or comments regarding to this a folk tale story of kids in English from Indonesia, please refers the contacts information.