Folklore Legends and Myths From Indonesia: The Beginning of Cianjur

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Once upon a time, there is the richest man lives in West Java. He is the one owner of the fields in the whole area. The villagers are just as labourers to him, so they called him as "Pak Kikir" or "Mr. Kikir" (a stingy man).

Pak Kikir has a son. His son has a different character with him. He is a humble and kind boy. He always helps the villagers.

One day, Pak Kikir celebrates a Thanksgiving party. He thinks this party can be effect to the harvest of his fields. All the villagers get invitation.

The villagers are happy because they think that they can find many delicious foods in that party. But it's out of what they already imagined. Pak Kikir just put out small food.

"Huh.... The miserly man. I can't imagine flow stingy he is."

“The Lord is never blessing him," Says some of the villagers in that party.

At the same time, there is an old woman comes to Pak Kikir. She asks for his mercy.

"Give me a plate of rice please...” Says the old woman.
“What! I must work hard to get the place of rice!” Said Pak Kikir.

"Have a mercy on me, please..."

"No....... get out of my face! The old women crying and leave the party.

However, Pak Kikir's son is sad about that. So he gives his lunch snipe at for the old woman.

After that, the old lady walks to a mountain. When she arrive at the top, she saw Pak Kikir's house. The best home in that area. She said,

"Remember this Pak Kikir! Your gluttonous will sink you! And the Lord will never bless you!"

Then the old woman jabbed her stick to the land, Then the water from the trace jabbed.

Time after time the water becomes the flood. The villagers and Kikir's Son run to save themselves to the mountain.

While they are running, Pak Kikir tries to keep his prosperity. The flood is getting fast, and Pak Kikir sinks with his money.

The villagers and the son saved. They are sad with this accident. They decided to find a new area. The villagers elected Pak Kikir's son as their leader.
Megalith Site Gunung Padang Cianjur-Indonesia
This boy teaches the villagers how to be a good farmer, how to handle the fields and water balance. Then the villagers called this boy as Anjuran (a Suggestion). The villagers obey their leader said.

Some years later, the villagers change the name to be Cianjur. It means full of water. Now, Cianjur known as the best area to produce rice in West Java Province-Indonesia.

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