Balinese Fairy Tales and Folk Tales For Children, Ceker Cipak

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Since I Ceker Cipak was a kid, he stayed alone without his father. His father was not death. He has gone somewhere which Cipak himself did not know the grave.

I Ceker Cipak stayed at the inland village in a beautiful Bali island. I Ceker Cipak lived with his sick mother since his father was gone. They did not have a family. Their house has been broke up. Their food is becoming less.

Gradually, their little meal was all gone. The mother and I Ceker Cipak felt hungry. His mother named Ibu Nyoman. Every day and every moment Cipak and his mother were praying for the God bless. So their life would be coming well.

One day, Cipak asked his mother to sell his chicken to the rice seller. Then Cipak’s mom offered Cipak's chicken for sale to the rice dealer. She offered the chicken 200 rupiahs according to Cipak's suggestion. 200 rupiah is about 2 cent.

The big chicken price was expensive in the market. Then the rice seller agreed at the cost that Ibu Nyoman offered. Besides that, the trader also wanted to give her 15 rupiahs just for a contribution.

She will get 215 rupiah for selling a chicken. The money will share by her mother 15 rupiahs and the rest 200 rupiahs as a capital by Cipak for selling corns.

Along the street to the market, Cipak has found four cruel people. They slaughtered the animal likes the cat, the dog, the snake and the mouse. He felt sad for these fourth animals.

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Finally, Cipak paid for those animals with full surrender. Upon his arrival at the market, he found his money only 25 rupiah.

The money will use for buying the animal's food. The rest 5 rupiah will use for buying rice because he felt starving. Then, he thought, where was the money for selling corns?

These fourth animals became familiar. They became familiar After I Ceker Cipak bought the animal food from the market.

So that, one of the buyers felt annoyed and reported that happen to the king. But, the king gave Cipak some clothes and meals.

Along the street from the king's palace to his house, he hindered by snake Gombang who is giant. The snake Gombang asked his son to be back to his hold. As deputy, Cipak would get the magic power of the ring.

By that ring, Cipak could get much gold, precious stone. This stone generate good clothes and the delicious meals. Cipak and his mother became the richest people in their village of Siring.

The son and the mother would be coming more generous to the poor people in their community.

One day, the magic power of ring was broke by lbu Nyoman. The magic power of ring brought to the goldsmith by Cipak's mother. Cipak did not know about this.

Then, in a silent night, the cat, the dog, and the mouse were quickly in action to get back away the ring.

The story of Cipak would be happy ended because he always did his life with full surrender. Finally, Cipak was a lucky fellow to have such a lovely girl. This beautiful girl becomes his wife who is from palace's family that is the blessing of the king.

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