Cindelaras: Story of Kids in English from East Java Indonesia

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom which leader by a fair and wise king. This king has a child named Panji Anom. The King confused.

The King is always thinking about who will take over his throne. It makes the Queen is also complicated. His boy as crown prince is like to fighting a rooster. It makes the majesty angry.

The crown prince dares to fight his father. Finally, the Majesty chases away Panji Anom from the castle. Before Panji Anom left the castle, he kissed his parent feet.

Panji Anom disappeared for a long time. This situation on the castle is to be quiet. This situation could see from the face of the king. The queen is full of disappointed.

On his trip, Panji Anom keeps walking without care to where the direction. Once, he surprised with the sweet voice of a girl when Panji Anom wants to take a rest. Then Panji Anom tried to find where that sound comes.
Reog Cultural Art Dance from Ponorogo East Java Indonesia credit
Reog Cultural Art Dance from Ponorogo East Java Indonesia credit
Panji Anom found that the voice is fate from the beautiful girl. This girl is washing in the bother the river. Panji Anom is going closer to that girl. Then he is asking her named and her house.

The girl name is Sekar. This girl invited Panji Anom to come to her house. Panji Anom accepted Sekar offering immediately.

Sekar lived alone in her house. Panji Anom asked Sekar to live there for a while time. Then Sekar allows Panji Anom to stay in her home.

They fall in love, but they do not dare to say that they are falling in love each other. Until one night, Panji Anom says to Sekar that he loves her. Five months passed. Sekar is pregnant, and at that time, Panji Anom goes to the city to buy their daily needs.

After his shopping, without any deliberate Panji Anom heard the people talks. They speak of the majesty that feels ill. Upon arriving at home, Panji Anom meets his wife. He tries to explain about who is he. Then he leaves the house alone without his wife.

Sixteen years since Panji Anom went to see his parent. Her child becomes a teenager. His daughter loves to help his mother. The named that child is Cindelaras.

Once day Cindelaras went to the forest for looking a firewood. She surprised by a voice of chick which is not far away from her. She takes this chick go home and caring for this chicken.

Time pass by with fast. Cindelaras grow up, and that chicken has become a loud rooster. Cinderala's rooster has the sparkle clean black feather.

One day Cindelaras, go to the city to buy their daily needs. Cinderela meet people were watching a cock fight. Cindelaras want to show the intensity of his rooster. Then, the Majesty chose the rooster would fight with Cindelaras rooster.

At the end of fighting, the winner is Cinderela's rooster. Suddenly the rooster is crowing like the human voice.

"Cock-a-doodle-doo, I am Cindelera's rooster. Her mother lives in the forest. My father was loafing on the castle".

Arriving at home, Cindelaras give that money to his mother. She explains where she gets that money to her mother. The following days he went again to the city to a rooster fighting again.

As same as yesterday, Cindelaras win again, and his rooster crowing likes a human voice again. Then she comes home. But when arrived at the home, Cindelaras surprised by noise from the back of their house. After they had found this sound, Cinderela's mother surprised.

The voice comes from Panji Anom. He is Cinderela's father and Sekar's wife. Panji Anom was also the Majesty. Panji Anom realized with his fault up until now. He had left his wife and his daughter.

Finally, Panji Anom, Sekar and Cinderela lived at the castle. They still keep their house in the forest. Sometimes they also visited their home. Since Panji Anom meets his family, the rooster never saw again. No one knows where the strange rooster.

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