Kids Story For English: The Wonderful Dog

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This story of kids in English is from Central Kalimantan-Indonesia (Kalimantan Tengah). Kalimantan islands are also call as Borneo Island. One of the biggest islands in this world.

This kids story for English is the story about the legends or myths Kalimantan people. Story about the Goddess of Rice, Liung Indung Bunga.

Kids Story For English From Kalimantan - Indonesia

The Wonderful Dog

Believe it or not, people say that in the village of Sembuluh in Central Kalimantan lives a group of people. Their physics are different from other villagers.

At the age of fifty, the backbone of a man belonging to this group protrudes.  The spine protrudes as much as the length of two fingers, rather like the tail of a dog.

On both sides, the woman's breast are appear five until seven pairs of black dots. It reminiscent of three nipples of a dog.

This group of people said to be descendants of a wonderful dog. About whom a story has retold from generation to generation in Kalimantan. The folk tales or fairy tales of the wonderful dog goes as follows…

There was once a village called Tangkahen, near of Bagalah. This village surrounded by trees in Central Kalimantan. The head of the village lived with his wonderful dog.

He is unlike other dogs. He had the ability to go hunting on his mouth and kill birds in flight only by barking. Whenever the dog barked, birds that happened to be flying in his vicinity would fall dead.

This dog never being short of meat, as the dog provided this. All villagers were grateful to both, to the dog as well on Bagalah. Thus they had come to love them both.

One day, a strange-looking pig passed through the village. The pig known as Bawoi Amai Ueng. This pig had large legs, the hoofs of which not split like ordinary pigs and her snout were as large as a drum.

Then the dog caught sight of her and ran after her. Then this pig ran and arrived at the bank of Lake Sembuluh. Because there was no choice, she decided to cross the lake by swimming. Meanwhile, the dog did not dare to swim.
Sembuluh Lake Central Kalimantan Indonesia (

A storm gathered in the sky suddenly. The thunder roared, the wind blew hard, and rain fell, and waves on the lake grew high. Then the pig turned to stone, and the dog changed into a human being.

This spot called Pukang Pahewan became a big village, which was later giving the name of Rangkang.

In the meantime, Bagalah was waiting in vain for the return of his dog. As he still did not appear, then Bagalah made up his mind to search for him.

He strode through the forest and walked over mountain until he reached Rangkang Village. He stayed with Rendan Tingang, the head -of the village.

One day, Bagalah was sitting in his boat. Rendan Tingang was repairing the roof of his homeland of his village. The villagers' fear of the threat of a dreadful famine completely allayed.

Early in the morning, on the day after the heavy rain, Beritu and his wife returned. They come to the field to pick up their daughter's dead body to bury it. Still, it was nowhere to found. Instead, on the ground where the girl met her death, they saw a sort of peculiar grass plant. It had grain fruits.

It was the rice plant, from which rice grain obtained. Beritu and his wife carefully cultivated the useful plant. Since then rice became the staple food of the people of Lingo. Later, for the people throughout the island of Kalimantan.

Up to now, many people of Kalimantan still believe that rice. The rice continue their staple food and the reincarnation of Liung Indung Bunga. Thus, she is regard as the Goddess of Rice.

The End of Kids Story For English: The Wonderful Dog

We can use this “Kids Story For English: The Wonderful Dog” as a short bedtime story for kids. There are many legends and myths stories around Indonesia. Find more English stories for children about Indonesian here.

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