Children Stories With Morals: Do Not Eat If Hungry

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Children stories with morals entitled Wa Lancar with good stories. This Free fairy tales and folk tales for children stories come from North Sumatra – Indonesia.

Wa Lancar was a poor man. He has desperate to learn how to be a good and religious man, and he wanted to learn and study as much as possible. However, since his father had passed away, his mother was not able to support him in his quest for knowledge.

Despite in desperate situation, Wa Lancar tried not to let that situation prevented himself. He tries to get a better for himself. He always tried and tried found out how he could learn free. Thus, he could get his idea. He decided to find a teacher who would teach him free without payment.

Wa Lancar finally found a teacher who wanted to teach him without care for the payment. The teacher asked him with a stipulation that he should carry out. Wa Lancar agreed with this stipulation. Therefore, that teacher would teach him.

After a long time, he received just one lesson, which was quite strange. The lesson was "Do Not Eat If Hungry.

He was not satisfied and tried to go looking for another teacher. The second teacher gave him the same advice with the first one. He was still not satisfied and found the third teacher.
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The third teacher gave him the same advice as the two former teachers. The third teacher gave him with a further lesson “Take a Stone and a Knife and Sharpen the Knife."

Wa Lancar realised feeling disappointed again. He decided not to learn from further teachers. He feels always got the same lesson from his master.

Wa Lancar still enthusiasm to have more studies. He tries to learn from his friends who have already finished studying religion. After a while and got the knowledge from his friends he went travelling.

When he arrived in a faraway kingdom, he asked permission to live at the royal mosque. During his free time, he taught some children to read the holy book at the mosque. Seeing this, another teacher felt jealous with Wa Lancar. This teacher reported him to the king that Wa Lancar was misleading the children.

The king was angry. He punished Wa Lancar to have married with the princess.

The princess has already married for several times. However, her husband has always died unexpectedly just they got married. Because of this unfortunate situation, nobody wanted to marry the princess.

Therefore, Wa Lancar marries with the princess as his punishment. The wedding party began. The man who reported him to the king sees among the guests. Seeing the meals were serving, Wa Lancar started to feel starving.

Suddenly he remembered his teacher who taught him not to eat when he was hungry. Thus, he did not touch the food. In fact, his food had poisoned and would have killed anyone who ate it.

Then, some people who asked him to get some stones from the river who visited Wa Lancar. First, Wa Lancar did not want to make that request.

After thinking for a moment, finally, he made that offer. On the way to the river with the soldiers, he felt tired and stopped walking. At that moment, he remembered what his teacher had said. The soldiers keep step ahead.

Suddenly Wa Lancar heard people screaming. It was the soldiers. They had stepped on water mines. Then Wa Lancar, returned safely to the palace.

After he arrived at the palace, without thinking anything he went straight to his Wife's room. In that room, he saw his wife sleeping soundly. He did not wake her up, but he ground the black stone. Suddenly he saw a centipede try to bite him. However, he killed a centipede with the sharp stone. Wa Lancar survived.

The morality of this story is no matter how simple a knowledge if you should learn it seriously. The knowledge should be useful for the future. Such as in this story Wa Lancar had felt useful of the knowledge that he got from his teacher.

Both of these lessons help Wa Lancar escaped from the danger. The first, he did not eat even thought he was hungry Then he was safe from the poisoning meal. The second, Wa Lancar also escaped from the danger. He had killed the centipede with the stone, so finally he will survive.

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