Kids Stories of Balinese: Pan Balang Tamak

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This story of kids in English explains about someone who was lazy, but he was smart. His name is Pan Balang Tamak. This short story of Balinese is a folklore legends or myths from Bali-Indonesia.

Pan Balang Tamak was a bright man who always had ideas to trick other people. He was also a lazy person and always had excuses for his laziness.

One day the villagers asked to gather with have mutual resistance for cleaning up the village. The head of the village told the villagers to pick by the time the chickens woke up.

When the day came, everybody gathered in Bale Bunjur. Banjar is a place for the villagers to have meeting and discussion. The head of the village gave instructions to the villagers for activity in the morning.

Beautiful Kecak Dancer from Bali-Indonesia credit Travel Channel Asia on Facebook

He also emphasized for those who did not come that morning would get a 'me and punishment. He did so to make the villagers discipline. Besides that he knew that Pan Balang Tamak would come late or even would not come that morning as he usually did.

In fact, Pan Balang Tamak was late for a few hours. He came after the villagers had already finished their activities. He came with his innocent face as if lie did not make any mistakes.

The head of the village smiled at him and thought. This time, Pan Balang Tamak would get a fine and would have punished.

Then the chairperson of the community said,

"Pan Balang Tamak you come late thus you will get punishment and penalty."

"You cannot punish me, and I will not pay the fine," said Pan Balang Tamak calmly.

"What did you say?" the head of the village became impatient.

"Everybody asked to gather by the time the chickens woke up, but you come late thus you will get a punishment."

"No... No...No... I also come by the time my chicken woke up. You know I only have a hen", said Pan Balang Tamak

"Alright, then but what time is it now? Everybody has already finished cleaning up the village", said the head of the village.

"Well I only have a hen, and she was laying her eggs. I was waiting she woke up and got off," said Pan Balang Tamak.

"Excuses!" said the head of the village. He looked angry with Pan Balang Tamak.

"Calm down Sir. You said that we had to gather by the time chickens woke up and got off, did not you? My hen is also a chicken, right", said Pan Balang Tamak.

"He is correct, Sir," one of the villagers exclaimed.

The head of the village thought for a while. Finally, he agreed that Pan Balang Tamak was right." Well Pan Balang Tamak, You are smart. You will not have punishment now, but next time you will not have your fortune", said the head of the village.

"Well, I was born with chances," said Pan Balang Tamak.

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