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Banjarmasin, Story of kids in English from Indonesia

This is the history of Banjarmasin words comes from. Banjarmasin is located in South Kalimantan as part of Borneo Island in Indonesia. This story of kids in English is might have been part of the History of Banjarmasin itself and may used as folk tales for children in English from Indonesia.

Banjarmasin, Story of kids in English from Indonesia
Map of South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin

Long ago, there was a kingdom, Nagara Daha. Princess Kalungsu with her son, Sekar Sungsang, founded the kingdom. It was said Sekar Sungsang was a follower of God Shiva. He built the biggest shrine and phallus in South Kalimantan. The shrine was named as Candi Laras (the Temple of Laras).

Sekar Sungsang's successor was Maharaja Sukarama. Maharaja Sukarama was defeated by Mangkubumi, a rebel. Actually Prince Samudra was the one who had power reign the kingdom. But, all the people in the palace reign lace could do nothing about it. So, Prince Mangkubumi ascended the throne. The Nagara Daha Kingdom was in the confusion from time to time. Prince Mangkubumi at last was killed in a coup d’├ętat by Prince Tumenggung. Since then, he held the power over the kingdom.

The legal heir to the kingdom, Prince Samudra had been evacuated by one of the chief minister. He had been evacuated to a quiet place around the mouth of Barito River. There were villages Balandean, Sarapat, Muhun, Tamban, Kuin, Balitung, and Banjar there. Among the villages, Banjar was located on the most strategic area. Banjar village then developed into a harbor (bandar), a city of commerce which was bustling being visited by trading ships from many different countries. That bandar was ruled by Patih Masih. It was known as Bandar Masih. Patih Masih saw that Prince Tumenggung did not rule the kingdom wisely. Prince Tumenggung was a greedy king. Patih knew that Prince Samudra was the legal heir to Nagara Daha Kingdom. He also knew the Prince lived in his area. Patih Masih invited Patih Balit, Patih Muhur, Patih Balitung and Patih Kuin to discuss about it. They agreed to find Prince Samudra in his hiding place to enthrone him as a king. "Congratulation, Prince Samudra, eve all-five support you to be the king," said Patih Masih after they found the Prince. The ascending of Prince Samudra and the fact that Bandar Masih as a center of the kingdom as well as city of commerce made Tumenggung's position became in danger. Prince Tumenggung did not just sit down to see this situation. A lot of soldiers were sent down to Barito River and a great battle took place. Seeing that situation, Patih Masih suggested Prince Samudra to ask for help to Demak Kingdom. In his opinion, Demak was the second strongest kingdom after Majapahit.

King of Demak was willing to help Prince Samudra. Prince Tumenggung agreed to be a Moslem. They succeeded in pushing Prince Tumenggung back. Arya Tarenggana, Patih of Nagara Dipa felt so sad to see a lot of victims fell down. The dead soldiers were only common people who did not know anything. He then suggested Prince Tumenggung to fight a duel between the two kings. The kings agreed. Prince Tumenggung and Prince Samudra went up to a deck of a boat which named was Talangkasan. The two of them brought their swords. The soldiers of the two kingdoms watched the duel. They gave the spirit for each of their kings. When he was face to face with Prince Tumenggung, Prince Samudra did not have the heart to hurt him. Nevertheless, Tumenggung was his uncle. So, he stood still and did not attack him. But Prince Tumenggung's reaction was different. When he went up to the deck, his face was darkened with anger. But was he saw Prince Samudra stood still, he began to hesitate. He watched the young man in front of him. Prince Tumenggung began to react differently. His anger melted. He just realized that he had authority nephew who were bold and had authority. He was ashamed of his self.

When Prince Samudra saw his uncle's face charged, he took back his sword. His uncle did the same thing. He threw his sword and reached out his hands towards his nephew. He hugged Prince Samudra. They both cried. With sincerely, Prince Tumenggung gave the power back to Prince Samudra. He decided to make Bandar Masin as the capital of the government. People of Nagara Daha moved away to Banjar Masih. Prince Tumenggung had been given the authority to rule over Batang Alai with one thousand people. After being a Moslem, Prince Samudra changed his name into Sultan Suriansyah. The date of his victory on the 24th of September 1526 was determined as the birthday of Banjar Masih. But, every long dry season, the water got masin (asin, salty). Then, Banjar Masih became Banjar Masin. Sultan Suriansyah's grave was well taken care of and many people visited that place. Sultan Suriansyah was the first king of Banjar who was Moslem.

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