Story of Kids in English: The Parrot and The Magic Mango

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Once Time upon there was a city called Japati. The king of Japati was Chakraditya. In the town of Japati lived poor Brahman and his wife. They have no children. They bought a young parrot and put the bird in their house. They hope, one day they will have a child.

One day the parrot heard that across the seven oceans there was an enormous mango tree. The fruit gave eternal youth to the person who ate it. However, there was also the possibility to be old and infirm.

The Brahman amazed hearing that news. He decided went to that place with his wife. Then the parrot asked the Brahman to go together with them. Then they started their journey.

Finally, they arrived at the mango tree. Brahman and his wife ate that mango, except the young parrot. The bird decided to give the Brahman and Brahman's wife his fruit.

The poor Brahman and his wife decided not to eat that mango. They bring that mango to their good king.

When they give that mango to the king, the rich king rewarded the Brahman for his gift. They told the king how they could get this mango. The king asked to take another fruit.

The Brahman and his wife began to think not eat the mango fruit. After asked the king, they decided to plant this mango fruit.
Green Mango Tree With Stone Garden and Grass

The tree grew well and became an exotic tree. During the spring season, the mango tree began to bud, blossom and bear fruit. The King comes when the day of harvesting. The King gave the mango to the palace priest. She was ninety years old.

The King hopes that the priest can rejuvenate after eating the mango. But no sooner after the priest tasted that mango, she fell and dead.

At this sudden calamity, the king was both astonished and deeply grieved. King Chakraditya angry to the poor Brahman. He told that how he had dared to present a poisonous fruit to his king. The King makes punishment. The left eye of the Brahman levered as the penalty.

After the punishment, he had returned to his home. When his wife saw his condition, she asked the reason for such mutilation.

"My dear," said he, "The parrot we have to grow up tenderly is the cause of this."

And they agree to break the neck of the treacherous bird. The bird hears their plan. Then the bird started to talk.

"My loving foster parents, everyone must reward for the good actions or punished for the evil deeds of his previous life. I brought you the fruit with a real intention. But my sins in my former life have given it the different effect. Therefore, I pray you to kill me and bury me with a little milk in a pit. After my funeral ceremony is over, I have a request. Please undertake a pilgrimage to Holy City and ask a pardon for your sins".

So the old Brahman and his wife killed their parrot and buried it as directed. The king commanded his gardener to set guards over the poison tree. The king commands no one to eat for its fruits.

Now there was in the city an old washerwoman. She had frequent quarrels with her daughter-in-law. One day, being weary of life, she left the house. She was threatening to eat the fruit of the poison there and die.

The parrot who has killed for having brought the poisonous mango fruit was reborn as a green bird. The bird was waiting for an opportunity to show the harmless nature of the tree. Previously, the parrot saw the old woman approach the tree. The woman had decided to end her life by eating its fruit.

The parrot plucked one with his beak and dropped it down before her. The old woman rejoiced that fate approved her decision to die and greedily ate the fruit, when old. Instead of dying, she became young and bloomed again.

The strange news was soon hearing by the king. He needs to test the tree, and he must eats that fruit. Then King eats that fruit. He became a young man again. Then the king asked the people how the old priest died by eating it?

It had been a mere accident. One day a huge snake was sleeping on the branch of the mango tree. The head of the snake hung over in the one of the mango fruit. Then this mango drops from the tree.

When the King asked to bring one of the mango for the priest, the gardener brought this fallen mango. In fact, the fallen mango is poisonous. When the priest ate it, she dies.

The King sent for poor Brahman his apologies. The King gave him a fruit to eat. After the old Brahman eat that fruit he became young and also had his eye restored to him.

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