The Legend of The Lawu's Peak: Folk Stories in English From Indonesia

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The peak of Lawu Mountain or Gunung Lawu considered as the sacred place for the people of Magetan and around of it. There was Raden Bondan Gugur, the fifth son of King Brawijaya VII who named Damanvulan. Damanvulan convinces by the people as still ruled the Lawu's peak.

Bondan Gugur is the brother of Raden Patah. Raden Patah is the king of Demak Bintoro. He called as Raden Jimbuningrat.

Once upon a time, there was a terrifying war. The war between the Majapahit Kingdom and Adipati Bojonegoro (Cepu). Adipati Bojonegoro supported from Raden Patah succeeded defeated Majapahit. Bondan Gugur ran away from the palace. In that time, he was still young, just about fifteen years old.

Bondan Gugur was tired and confused pursued from Adipati Bojonegoro's soldiers in Sragen. Then he decided to climb the Lawu mountain.
Lawu Mountain Peak Sign Hargo Dumilah 3265 DPL
Lawu Mountain Peak Sign Hargo Dumilah 3265 DPL via

He just ran without caring himself. Then he arrived in Banyu Urip. The Banyu Urip is the slope of the Lawu Mountain. In this location, he felt tired and laid down his self under the tree.

There was a holy hermit named Bagawan Jamba Loka. This sacred place located in Penggik, in the east of Lawu's slope.

When Bondan Gugur walked in the forest, he found a young man in an unconscious condition. He helped that young man and took some water for him. The young man began to get up from the fainted and told that his name is Raden Bondan Gugur. That is why this country called Banyu Urip. The meaning of Banyu Urip is "Life Water."

Bondan Gugur began to tell everything, why he got lost in Lawu Mountain. Bagawan Jamba Loka listens to him carefully. Bagawan Jamba Loka fells so sympathetically. Bagawan Jamba Loka had a prophecy from God that, Majapahit would collapse soon. But it will revive in the quiet and remote world that is at the peak of Lawu.

In the peak of Lawu, Bagawan Jamba Loka teaches Bondan Gugur. Bondan Gugur learnt all knowledge what his master had given seriously. Bagawan Jamba Loka explained Bondan Gugur about science or morality.

Bagawan said something after he has complete his lecture to Bondan Gugur. He said "Bondan, which have been destiny that I would be no longer with you. I have taught you all that I have. It's time for me to unity with you, merge into your soul. Would you mind? So, you have to listen what I am going to command to you.

Bondan Gugur answered, “Yes master. If you leave me, who will give me advice?"

"Don't worry, because I'm going to merge into your soul. You are still going to be here and titled as Hyang Sunan Lawu. Some days, you will respect and love for your people. You should respond and serve every people hopes seriously." The message of Bagawan to Bondan Gugur.

"So, where I have to live? Who is my friend? And, when I'll be a king who will be the queen?” asked Bondan confusedly.

"Don't worry; you have to live in the Peak of Lawu Mountain. In this place, there is a kingdom, and you have to reign- here. You are the King of this Kingdom because you are the heir of Majapahit throne. And about your wife, I'll find her for you", answered Bagawan.

"Who is she?" asked Bondan impatiently.

"She is... oh, don't worry you'll meet her later. She is a wise and beautiful girl. You could chatter with her wisely.

Who was the wife of Bondan Gugur that promised by his master? She is Nyi Roro Kidul (The Queen of the Southern Sea).  Nyi Roro Kidul often called as Dewi Angin-Angin. She is the reincarnation of Ratu Putri, one of the Majapahit Kingdom founder.

Nyi Roro Kidul is not an ordinary person. She is also the Queen of the South Sea Kingdom, a kingdom in the beyond world.

There is a myth on the people from Cepu, especially the generation of Adipati Bojonegoro. If they climb the Lawu Mountain, they will get trouble and obstacle.

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