The Commander and The Youngman: Indonesian Short Story for Children

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The story of Sekunca and the Youngman is from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. This children stories told about the brave of the Youngman and the tricky of the Commander Sekunca. There is a moral story in this Indonesian short story for children. An honest and courageous will win against a foxy plan.

Once upon a time in Tamiang land, there was a kingdom ruled by a king and his queen. Unfortunately, they did not have a daughter. The King and the Queen have been waiting for the baby for a long time.

In their desperation, the King, and the Queen make a promise. They swore that if the queen born a little girl, they would give the baby to the King of elephants.

Not too long after their promise, the queen pregnant. After nine months, the Queen born a little girl. The king had forgotten his oath to the king of elephants. The King makes the biggest mistake he ever did.

After the baby reached the age of forty-four days, the baby must go through a traditional ceremony. The traditional ceremony usually held in the Tamiang culture. The ceremony is for the baby to step on the soil for the first time and to cut child's hair for the first time.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the ceremony, came a group of elephants from the jungle. A group of this elephant took the baby away to the dark forest, the place where the Elephant King lived.

The king remembered his poor little girls After about fifteen years later. So, he announced to all the peoples in the country.

He said,"for those who could bring the princess back to the kingdom, would become the next king and the princess as the queen."

There is a well-known commander in the country named Panglima Sekunca. Panglima means Commander. There is also a handsome Youngman took part in this contest.

Sekunca Commander always underestimated this Youngman. The Commander thought that he was the strongest man in the country. He feels that the man was nothing but he is a weak and stubborn man.

But this young man was a patient man. He ignored Sekunca insignificance words. The man followed Commander into the jungle.

Sekunca arrived in the forest first. He found the big trees fell down on the ground. When Sekunca saw this,  he felt afraid. He felt something dangerous could happen to himself. Then, he decided to wait for the Youngman.

The man arrived next to the Commander. From this location, they walked together. In the middle of their journey, finally, they found the place. They saw the elephants gathered themselves. They also saw the princess was sitting in the midst of the elephant group.

Sekunca felt so afraid seeing this situation. He wanted to run away from this place. To hide Sekunca's fear, then he asked the Youngman to go first. He asks this man to fight with the elephants first.
The Commander and The Youngman: Indonesian Short Story for Children Image Man vs Elephant Mammoth Fight Illustration Art by
Man vs Elephant Mammoth Fight Illustration Art by

This Youngman has a magical power. With all his braveness supported by his supernatural power, he fought with the elephants. This young man also had a magic sword. With his sword, he can kill the elephants including the king of elephants.

But during the Youngman's fight with the elephant, the Commander ran. He moved from the arena and left the man fighting alone.

After the big fight, the princess still sitting in the middle of the elephants' dead bodies. This Youngman saved the princess. He took her back to the kingdom.

In the middle of the Youngman and the princess' journey, they met Panglima Sekunca. Panglima Sekunca felt envious to the Youngman's successful. Sekunca could not accept this reality. He does not agree if the Youngman marry the princess.

Sekunca wanted to make an evil plan to the man. He attacked the Youngman. He pushed him into the deep pool in the middle of the jungle. In this way, Sekunca can substitute the man and brought the princess back to the Kingdom. He will proclaim himself he can kill the King of Elephant.

When Sekunca and the Princess arrived in the kingdom, the peoples and the King were so happy. The palace made some ceremony for the princess and Panglima Sekunca.

The King thought, "This is my hero, and he will become the next king for saving my beloved princess."

The King announced to his peoples that soon Panglima Sekunca will marry the princess. At the same time, in this ceremony held a coronation for Sekunca Commander.

In the coronation royal day, the princess speaks. The Princess told that Sekunca was not the person who has saved her. In fact, the person who has saved her is the young man.

The king confused. The King decided to cancel the ceremony for seven days until the Youngman could proof himself. The King will wait for the Youngman present in seven days.

In the jungle, the Youngman could save himself from the dark well. During his return to the castle, he fought with many wild animals. These wild animals are such as rhinoceroses, tigers, and lions.

Until the seventh day, the Youngman couldn't reach the palace but the next day. But when the wedding ceremony between the princess and Panglima, Sekunca arrived.

The Youngman showed himself in the middle of the crowded. This attendance of Youngman stopped the wedding ceremony. The Youngman tried to convince the King. He said that he was the real hero, but Panglima Sekunca still insisted that he was the man who saved the princess.

There is a debate between Sekunca Commandeer and the Youngman. The King stops the debate. The King announced a duel between Sekunca and the Youngman.

The fight took a whole day for three days. Finally, Panglima Sekunca lost in the fight considering he was wrong, bad-hearted, and tricky. The Youngman man won the fight because he was honest and brave.

After all, the Youngman married the princess and became a good king. They ruled his kingdom wisely, and they lived happily ever after.

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